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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Michael Jackson - The Most Famous Vitiligo Patient Gone Forever

Michael Jackson Death - Michael Jackson is animation after death in a hospital Thursday after a heart attack in Los Angeles County Coroner's Office.
In Los Angeles Fire CNN said that the official Paramedic came to the house of Michael Jackson, after a call 911th

michael jackson vitiligo

In Los Angeles Fire CNN said that the official Paramedic came to the house of Michael Jackson, after a call 911th
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The Paramedic have Jackson, 50 years old, from the west of Los Angeles from his residence on Thursday afternoon at the UCLA Medical Center, where a team of doctors were trying to put it back longer than an hour, said Jackson's brother Jermaine. He said that the famous singer was declared dead at 2:26 pm PT.

An autopsy is Friday, he said. The results are expected on Friday afternoon, after the Lieutenant Fred Corral, the Los Angeles Coroner's Office, was also said Jackson does not respond when he came to the hospital.

Fire captain Steve Ruda said CNN paramedical were in the west of Los Angeles, California, at the residence after a 911 came at 12:21 pm

For the purposes of the Act states that the Los Angeles Police Department, Robbery Homicide Division commenced an inquiry into the death of Jackson. They emphasized that there is no evidence of criminal activity, but they are conducting interviews with members of the family and friends.

CNN analyst Roland S. Martin on Thursday with Marlon Jackson, the brother of Michael Jackson.

"I have with Frank DiLeo, manager of Michael. Frank Michael told me that last night complained to not feel good. He cried to him to say he has not felt good.

"Michael has seen the doctor more, and Frank said:" Marlon, on the night to this morning, I do not know what happened. "If they received from him this morning, it breathes not. They rushed in the hospital and was not about him. Michael Jackson Death

Friday, March 13, 2009


Michael Jackson vitiligo, singer/songwriter. During court depositions in 1994, both Jackson's dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein and his nurse (Deborah Rowe, whom Jackson later married) testified that in 1984, Jackson was diagnosed with lupus and vitiligo.

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